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Chronicling an Era


Downtown Los Angeles has entered an unprecedented renaissance. Published by LA Lofts Realty, DTLALIFE  celebrates the rejuvenation of a metro center. In addition to new offices, residences and hotels; new  stores, restaurants, studios, and salons also opening, further enhancing the downtown lifestyle. The challenge: keep up with the pace to make readers/residents aware of all that is changing around them. 



BRIGADE LA - one one 77

Mapping the New Territory


Downtown Los Angeles is a hotbed of dynamic growth. Major commercial, retail and residential developments

are changing the face of the city. Equally as remarkable is the rise of the independent retailers. Partnering

with Kuo Yang, owner of  Brigade LA, a designer boutique and one one 77 creative studio, the first comprehensive map of contemporary apparel stores was researched, designed and published, providing a singular guide to clothing and shoe stores in the Arts District, Fashion District, Historic Core, Little Tokyo, and South Park. First released in November of 2013 as  "36 Reason to Shop DTLA"  the map and listings were updated every 6 months. The map has been embraced by Los Angeles Councilman José Huizar's office, the Downtown Center, Fashion District, South Park and Historic Core BIDs,  The Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau, the New Mart, CMC and Cooper Design Center, DTLA Rendezvous as well as major hotels and downtown condo buildings. 


Because New York's Future Should Include its Past


The Historic District Council is a force in the preservation of historic buildings throughout the five boroughs of New York City. HDC helped create most all of the 110 officially designated historic districts, encompassing about 30,000 buildings. In addition to civic advocacy, HDC delivers a comprehensive programming schedule ranging from an annual conference, exhibitions and preservation school, to historic tours, pub crawls and trivia nights. The challenge: maintain a consistent universal voice and look throughout civic initiatives and programs, while giving each project their own identity. 

Rethinking the Possibilities

In addition to her own clients, Cinnia is as active member of ib4e partners creative circle.

A cross-disciplinary consultancy, ib4e specializes in gathering seasoned professionals from diversified professional and personal backgrounds to develop strategic conceptualization, experience design and consensus. Projects have included relaunching a premium dessert product, conceptualizing a nightclub, ​​turning research into action items for a premium liquor company & retooling a sports bar.